About Neurofeedback Services Of New York

More than just a psychotherapy or neurofeedback clinic in New York, Mark and his team of neurofeedback technicians offer a full scope of non-invasive, holistic assessment and treatment interventions.

Addressing The Root Issue

We provide expert integrative care that addresses the root of mental health issues and works to help the client better understand the inner workings of their body and minds

Experience & Innovation

For over 15 years, owner and Clinical Director, Mark Llewellyn Smith has worked alongside top bioengineers in the field leading to his development of Infraslow Fluctuation (ISF) Neurofeedback training

In-depth mapping & reports

We administer and interpret comprehensive QEEG brain mapping and create diagnostic reports for therapists in the clinical practice of neurofeedback

Integrated Talk Therapy

Each clinician incorporates traditional talk therapy along with neurotherapy interventions to provide full clinical support to the client

Help for all ages

Our neurofeedback technicians work with all age groups: children, adolescents, teens and adults

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our team utilizes the latest technological innovations and evidence-based neuroscientific approaches to wellness

Workshops & trainings across the globe

More than just a clinician, Mark Smith and his team have held neurofeedback and QEEG workshops on four continents and continues to educate and train neurofeedback technicians & practitioners in international workshops and conferences around the globe

Group & individual mentoring

Mark also provides web-based group and individual mentoring to other neurofeedback technicians and neurofeedback providers interested in incorporating ISF Neurofeedback and QEEG into their practice

Our Team

Mark Smith

Mark Smith, LCSW, BCN, QEEG-D

Founder / Owner

Mark Smith is a licensed clinical social worker, whose early career was established in the world of work, providing clinical services to the nurses, doctors, and staff of NYU Medical Center and Downtown Hospital in New York City. He is the owner and Clinical Director of Neurofeedback Services of New York.

In private practice since 2000, Mark is a leading developer, teacher, and clinician of neurofeedback interventions for a variety of disorders. He was the first to use Z-score training in clinical practice. As an early adopter and developer of Z-score training, he worked closely with Thomas Collura of Brainmaster Inc. and Robert Thatcher from Applied Neuroscience Inc. to develop Z-score neurofeedback interventions for a host of clinical presentations. These protocols are arguably the most frequently used interventions in Z-score training worldwide.

Infra-slow Fluctuation (ISF) training, now a primary intervention in EEG-biofeedback Therapy, was developed by Mark from his experience training the “Ultradian” rhythms: the lowest energy the brain produces. This type of neurofeedback has had a profound, positive impact on the lives of his clients, as well as, the clients of the hundreds of therapists he has taught in the last several years. For the last two years, Mark has contributed to the establishment of sLORETA training with Thomas Collura and others.

Simran Lamba, M.A., MHC-LP & Neurofeedback Technician

Simran Lamba, M.A., MHC-LP

Clinical Mental Health Counselor & Neurofeedback Technician

Simran Lamba is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who earned a Master of Arts in General Psychology at Adelphi University and an Advanced Certificate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Long Island University. Simran provides both psychotherapy and neurofeedback at Neurofeedback Services of New York. Simran entered the field of mental health in 2015 when she became a case manager for adults in a nonprofit organization.

In the past, Simran has experience working with ADHD and Autistic children. Most recently, she has worked as an individual, child, group and family therapist in a hospital affiliate outpatient clinic. In her free time, Simran enjoys traveling and playing tennis.

Jonathan Max Egan, LMSW & Neurofeedback Technician

Jonathan Max Egan, LMSW

Psychotherapist & Neurofeedback Technician

Jonathan Max Egan, LMSW is a Licensed Master of Social Work with a special interest in neurofeedback training and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He earned his Master of Social Work degree from the Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare and his undergraduate degree from Emory University, with a major in Economics. He has a passion for holistic health and the role that neurofeedback, therapy, diet and exercise, etc. play in the healing process. He believes under the right conditions, each individual has the capacity to grow and he works to create a conducive environment to accomplish this goal.

Max has a history of working with clients with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD and Trauma. He has worked at SUNY Old Westbury providing group and individual treatment and in the Wyandanch school district providing services for  adolescents. At Neurofeedback Services of New York, he often combines traditional talk therapy with neurofeedback services while designing and implementing individualized treatment plans.

Neurofeedback Services Reviews in New York, NY

  • 5 star review  I love this practice, it has been extremely helpful in many ways. I have been going through so many challenges in my life and i have been in and out of different therapy. With everything i have been through in my life i believe that Mark Smith and Neurofeedback have been the only things that have truly worked. Mark is a very funny, lovable enthusiastic person with an outstanding personality. Anyone would be lucky to work with him and his practice.

    thumb Kat

    5 star review  I have known Mark Smith as a clinician and instructor for fifteen years. He is open, candid, and professionally dynamic. An intensely knowledgeable practitioner, he has managed to develop a unique form of treatment and neurofeedback training that has been shown to achieve splendid results. He is intellectually honest and persistently refines his knowledge and techniques. His willingness to work with clients with complicated and chronic problems that other professionals have been unable to help is a testament to his dedication, determination, and compassion.

    thumb David Pavlick

    5 star review  Neurofeedback has been a life-changing journey for me. I’ve had sleep problems since I was a kid, and for the first time in two decades, they finally feel manageable. Additionally, it’s reduced my overall anxiety to a staggering degree, and I’ve felt my overall alertness and creativity go up. Grateful for Mark, Noel, and Leila’s support.

    thumb Jimmy Goldblum
  • 5 star review  I have only been performing ISF training for a few months, but I can say it is my personal and clinical opinion that this is probably the most powerful intervention ever known. With ISF, I have been working with people who thought they were beyond hope. They are getting significantly better, and finally getting back into the life they deserve. Mark Smith used the word “glücklich” in the ISF workshop, meaning that feeling of total euphoria, peace and happiness that sometimes comes upon someone during the training. I have not had this happen during my own ISF training, however I have lived this feeling in a very clinical way for the last few months because I am helping people in ways that I never dreamt possible. Each day I witness miracles. I have seen people that have been so depressed that they were frequently admitted to the hospital for suicidality. Now they're happy and going back to work or school. Clients with balance problems and mobility issues are walking again. A couple of my clients had asthma that interfered with their lives and sports performance, and now the asthma is gone. Other clients have had horrible gastric intestinal issues to the point where their lives revolved around accessing the bathroom or taking medications just to have normal bodily functions. These people have minimal gastric intestinal issues now. Two of my young clients have had horrific development trauma and are now playing and dancing like other children do. I spent thirteen years working in an inpatient psychiatric unit and saw some of the most dysregulated brains imaginable. Now I have some of these people in my private practice and they are getting better. I would not believe any of this unless I would have seen it on first-hand basis. It just doesn’t seem possible. On a personal note, my daughter had three concussions a few years ago. She spent a couple of years in bed and thought her life was beyond hope, then we discovered neurofeedback. She has had many sessions of surface neurofeedback training (both one channel and four channel Z score) and got her life back, but her gastric intestinal issues, temperature regulation, asthma, and sleep issues still lingered. Since she has been optimized through ISF, she is sleeping well, does not have asthma, and is eating foods that she was never able to eat before. Her GI functioning is fairly normal. I don't know that I can actually find the right words to express my feelings about ISF. Each day I experience “glücklich” because I witness miracles happening in the lives of others. I am very blessed to be providing this amazing treatment. Thank you Mark and all the others who have made ISF possible. We are changing the world, one client at a time. Rhonda Mateer Ross, Brain Advances BCN, LCSW, MED

    thumb Rhonda Mateer Ross

    5 star review  In my opinion, Mark Smith and his staff should be the first call for treatment of ADD, ADHD, ODD, depression, anxiety, trauma and migraines. He is kind and patient, not to mention very well trained and overall a great clinician. I have used Mark as a resource several times in my own practice. If you are in or near the city and have any interest or questions regarding neurofeedback, I would highly recommend reaching out to Mark before you go anywhere else.

    thumb Andrew Buccaro

    5 star review  I can tell you that I am a completely different person in all the best ways possible. To those who "poo poo" this, you have no idea how much better your life could be. Depression is almost non existent. I feel like a new person.

    thumb Jessica Bern

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