Neurofeedback Workshop Testimonials

Infra-slow Fluctuation Neurofeedback—A Novel Experience

Thomas Collura, PhD

I just completed 3 days learning and experiencing ISF (infra-slow fluctuation) neurofeedback, in a workshop presented by Mark Smith. Both the learning experience and the neurofeedback process were eye-opening, to say the least. The theory has to do with cortical activation, shifts in parasympathetic response, and achievement of a new mental state. What I found is that, by listening to a simple tone that told me when my “infra-slow” brainwaves shifted one way or another, I could be led into these states effortlessly… ( read more )

Ray McGarty MS, MLADC, LCS,

The Addiction Recovery population with early life trauma and attachment issues, typically present with significant difficulties with emotion and affect regulation. I have found ISF to be the single best way to bring about stabilization of the CNS. In most cases it is fairly rapid, as seen in normalization of sleep patterns, decreased cravings and substitute compulsive behaviors. Most of my clients have complex PTSD, and I see decreased flashbacks, hyperarousal and dissociation. It is now my primary tool used for stabilization, allowing clients to do processing of traumatic material with such approaches as EMDR.

Gary Ames, Licensed Psychologist,

I own more different kinds of equipment than anybody I know except Merlyn Hurd: NeuroCare, pirHEG, BrainMaster, BioExplorer, LENS, NeuroField, Roshi, etc. Of all these systems, my favorite approach is Infra-Slow Fluctuation training because of the powerful impact it has on symptom reduction. It is the fastest and most certain way I have to get the results my clients hope to achieve.

Ruth Kreider Munich 2013

“Thanks once again to Mark who helped many of us take the fear and anxiety out of ISF training, and gave us a wonderfully powerful tool. If you were not in Munich, you certainly missed out on an historic event. Mark demonstrated the newest software combining all the amazing capabilities of AVATAR with ISF… live z-scores, connectivity maps, head animation with ROI, and much more!

Henry Malone,

“The discovery of neurofeedback and QEEG was a revelation for me, because as a clinician, I could intervene at the source of the problem, the brain. Progress in technology, especially z-scores, enhanced neurofeedback effectiveness. However, the introduction to Mark Smith’s ISF has become the most effective clinical tool to reduce the symptomatology and restore clients to a more stable and healthier level of functioning.

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