Neurofeedback For Trauma in NYC

Introduction Into Trauma

Most people experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives. Common examples of trauma include complications during birth, experiencing or witnessing neglect or abuse, a history of having undergone a major illness or injury, or the loss of an important loved one. We provide neurofeedback therapy training for trauma of all types whether it is acute, complex, or developmental in nature.

Neurofeedback For Trauma in NYC
Neurofeedback Training for trauma in new york

How Neurofeedback Treats Complex Trauma

Neurofeedback treats trauma by teaching the body and brain how to relax and reinforcing a parasympathetic response in the central nervous system. Our neurofeedback for trauma in NYC can help to rewire a traumatized brain by regulating emotions, and normalizing the body’s stress response. Neurofeedback training is especially effective when combined with talk therapy to treat trauma. As the brain and body begin to adjust to a more regulated state, people often find it easier to work through their traumatic experiences with a trained professional. In addition, research shows that neurofeedback can help those who have suffered from a head trauma, such as post-concussive disorder, by improving functional connectivity.

Our Approach to Treating Trauma with Neurofeedback

At NFSNY, we take trauma very seriously. One of our trained clinicians will spend an hour with you during the intake to explore the duration and severity of your symptoms. During your first session, we will take a baseline of your symptoms and work with you to reduce those by the end of each neurofeedback session. In between sessions, you will be expected to complete a 24-hour report indicating any changes you felt or experienced.

All clients receive a QEEG, or a brain map. This will give us an important guide that indicates areas in the brain that have the most irregularity. We use the latest innovations in the neurofeedback field. Our clients receive Infraslow Neurofeedback training that regulates the fight, flight, or freeze response. In addition, we recently developed an intervention that reduces stress while making the patient more available to new ideas. This form of neurofeedback called ISF sLORETA relaxes structures in the brain that are responsible for a sense of self. Repeated access to this relaxed, open state allows one to more easily let go of old habits and accept new forms of behavior.

Why Choose Us

At NFSNY, we recognize that trauma is a unique kind of mental health challenge that requires specific clinical skills that differ from ordinary psychotherapeutic training. In our practice, we focus on body-based interventions that include neurofeedback, biofeedback, somatic psychotherapy, and experiential therapy.

Inital-Neurofeedback-Consultation for Trauma

If you or someone you know struggles from the effects of trauma or other symptoms of trauma (including head trauma), please do not hesitate to call and schedule a consultation at (212) 877-7929 or request an appointment online

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