Neuroplasticity and Neurofeedback: How Do They Relate?

The momentum behind today’s brain science and research is unparalleled in our history. So much so, that even just as recently as two decades ago the brain was still scientifically regarded as a fixed system. This means that scientists and practitioners collectively believed that the number of neurons present in our brains at birth was […]

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What Is Neuroplasticity?

The pursuit of modern science and technology to understand the human brain is stronger than it has ever been before. As a result, a hot topic in today’s research is a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. But what exactly is neuroplasticity and what are the implications it offers in our personal lives? Let’s take a look… […]

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Welcome to Our Brand New Website and Neurofeedback Blog!

Our clinicians and staff at Neurofeedback Services of New York would like to welcome you to the launch of our brand new website and blog! Another year is coming to a close. So, what better time than the present to announce the re-vamping of our neurofeedback blog! “Out with the old, in with the new” […]

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Why I Added ISF Neurofeedback Training to my Psychotherapy Practice

A number of things quickly become evident when you work with clients who have addictive disorders. First, you are confronted with the profoundly impaired self-regulatory processes which are a result of autonomic nervous system dysregulation. Secondly, you are faced with the fact that there is a very high prevalence of developmental trauma manifested by these […]

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Rewiring the Brain

Mark Llewellyn Smith LCSW, BCN, QEEGD Imagine for a moment your sessions with developmentally traumatized clients. What words come to mind? Challenging? Frustrating? Overwhelming? What if you had a tool that made each session more productive? What if this tool promoted less reactivity, more emotional stability, better sleep, and more flexibility in the way your […]

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Infra-slow Fluctuation Neurofeedback—A Novel Experience

Thomas Collura, PhD just completed 3 days learning and experiencing ISF (infra-slow fluctuation) neurofeedback, in a workshop presented by Mark Smith.  Both the learning experience and the neurofeedback process were eye-opening, to say the least.  The theory has to do with cortical activation, shifts in parasympathetic response, and achievement of a new mental state.  What […]

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