Neurofeedback Mentoring
For Clinicians

Neurofeedback Services Of New York provides a QEEG service that processes brain maps and creates reports for therapists in the clinical practice of neurofeedback. Please go to the HIPPA complaint Send Data Safely page to upload client data.

Web based group and individual mentoring is available for neurofeedback providers. Neurofeedback Services has provided neurofeedback and QEEG workshops on four continents and continues to educate and train neurofeedback practitioners in international Workshops and conferences. Please visit our Workshop page for upcoming seminars.

Neurofeedback Services of New York is committed to providing excellent educational services to neurofeedback providers worldwide.

In addition to teaching in person workshops on four continents, regular group and individual distance mentoring is available. Using computer to computer meeting software, regular supervision groups are conducted for Infra-slow Fluctuation, sLORETA, and Z-score training. In addition, mentoring on QEEG analysis is routinely available.

Most group sessions take place bimonthly, or more frequently according to demand, and are scheduled on Thursday and Friday mornings Eastern U.S. time. Seminars on neuroscience topics related to QEEG and neurofeedback training are offered recurrently.

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Please contact us or call 212-877-7929 to schedule individual mentoring session or to be placed on the Group Mentoring Distribution List. Schedules for groups will be sent via email as they are planned.

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