Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, and Neurofeedback

Have you ever had a restless night’s sleep? That day did it impact your memory, your ability to think? Did you feel irritable, teary, or numb? Were you overwhelmed by fatigue, at your wit’s end, and easily angered? If you have ever had a poor night’s sleep, you know the damage it can wreak on […]

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Treating Childhood Trauma and PTSD with Neurofeedback Therapy

She has talked about the dysfunction in her family of origin to such an extent that she is out of words. The topic now seems irrelevant. She is a middle-aged adult with a history of childhood neglect and serious physical injury. She has been through years of psychotherapy.  She has laser-like insight into her trauma […]

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My Story: How Infraslow Neurofeedback Helped Me Get Through My Trauma

I was doubled over in a fetal position, curled up under my desk.  Unable to control the crying, I began to tremble and shake. The fear that overcame me was equally sudden and unexpected.  It happened in the aftermath of a dramatic breakup, and coincided with the anniversary of my father’s premature death. That was […]

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The Benefits of Infraslow Neurofeedback Training

Have you ever thought you might have a mental illness? Sounds absolutely horrible doesn’t it, the term mental illness? Even if you accept you have one, what’s to be done about it? A mental illness is a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling or mood. Such conditions may affect a person’s ability to relate to […]

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How Infraslow Neurofeedback Effectively Treats Anxiety

Picture this… You are rushing to work, walking across the street in the middle of the day. A million thoughts are racing through your head. “Did I forget to send that email out?” “My phone isn’t charged!” “Did I get back to him about my weekend plans?” “I am going to be so late to […]

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How to Choose the Right Type of Neurofeedback for You

Are you considering neurofeedback? Do you know how neurofeedback systems work? Do you know how to select the best neurofeedback system?  Are you confused about how to choose the best type of neurofeedback for you?   Once you identify a modality of neurofeedback, how do you decide on a practitioner?   These are some of the […]

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