Why I Added Infraslow Frequency (ISF) Neurofeedback to my Psychotherapy Practice

Ray McGarty MS, MLADC, LCS A number of things quickly become evident when you work with clients who have addictive disorders. First, you are confronted with the profoundly impaired self-regulatory processes which are a result of autonomic nervous system dysregulation. Secondly, you are faced with the fact that there is a very high prevalence of […]

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Rewiring the Brain

Mark Llewellyn Smith LCSW, BCN, QEEGD Imagine for a moment your sessions with developmentally traumatized clients. What words come to mind? Challenging? Frustrating? Overwhelming? What if you had a tool that made each session more productive? What if this tool promoted less reactivity, more emotional stability, better sleep, and more flexibility in the way your […]

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